Which New Scrub Cap Should You Order?

Which New Scrub Cap Should You Order?

Perhaps it’s time to replace your lucky scrub cap! Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your entire wardrobe and order a few caps! However many caps you need, we just want to make sure that you’re ordering the correct cap! So below is a description of all of our women’s scrub caps. Enjoy your shopping!

The Pixie

Let’s start out with Blue Sky Co.’s Pixie scrub cap. As its name suggests, this first scrub cap is known for being perfect for pixie haircuts, or shorter hair in general. It has a flap in the back that’ll securely hold your hair back and out of the way. You can work in ease sporting this cap! Or really, all of our caps!

The Poppy

This scrub cap is our most versatile scrub cap yet. It fits like a bouffant style cap, and works for both long and short hair! Find it in all kinds of different patterns; there are so many to choose from! If this is the cap for you, we’re certain you’ll be as comfortable as ever. Maybe it’ll become your new favorite!

The Pony

Are you sporting a ponytail underneath that scrub cap? We have the perfect cap for you, then! Try out our pony scrub cap, as it’s perfect for the ponytail or for longer hair. Finally, a cap that’s foolproof; it’ll keep all of your hair out of the way so that you can continue doing what you do best!

Here at Blue Sky Co., you’ll find various types of scrub caps in a wide variety of colors and patterns! That’s the most exciting part: choosing which patterns suit you best! And while you’re at it, why not take a glance at our magnificent scrubwear? We have so many types of scrubs for both men and women! We hope the collection isn’t overwhelming. And once again, happy shopping!