3 Simple Tips to Help You Care for Your Scrubs

3 Simple Tips to Help You Care for Your Scrubs

Finding your favorite pair of scrubs is one thing, keeping them bright and brand-new is another. On today’s blog, we’re giving you 3 simple tips to help you care for your scrubs and keep them looking new as long as they possibly can. It all starts before you put them on for the first time and ends when you’re putting them away. Let’s get started!

First-Time Maintenance

Just as we mentioned before, it’s important to care for your scrubs even before you put them on. We know how tempting it is to want to throw ‘em on and wear them to work immediately, but pre-washing the fabric will help keep it bright with every wash after.

Regular Maintenance

Instead of throwing your scrubs in with all of your other laundry, wash them separately. Although it’s a slight inconvenience when it comes to laundry, it will keep your scrubs in tip-top shape throughout their lifetime (and save you money in the long run). Don’t forget to keep like colors together and separate out those whites.

Temperature and Other Settings

Majority of the time, cold water is best for medical scrubs. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, hand washing would be the most beneficial for the materials and fabrics (but we know that’s not very realistic). Before tossing those scrubs in the washer and hitting start, be sure to check the label for any special instructions that may be fabric-specific. Here’s one of our special tips: allow the washing machine to fill with extra water to give your scrubs more space to move around, and rinse properly.

If possible, avoiding heat when drying is preferred for most scrub fabrics and materials. If necessary, a low-heat setting can be used on a dryer (if you’re in a rush and need something to be done quickly), otherwise it’s recommended to hang them up to dry.

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