Breast Cancer At Blue Sky Scrubs

Breast Cancer At Blue Sky Scrubs

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Blue Sky Co. wants to take this opportunity to show support for those who have fought, are fighting, or know somebody who is fighting breast cancer. There are several ways to show your support for a cure for this devastating illness, For Women

In this first pattern, you’ll find a light pink canvas decorated with tiny, adorable darker pink ribbons. It’s available in the Poppy, Pixie, or Pony scrub cap. Wear it however you’d like, but of course, each scrub cap fits quite differently! The Poppy and Pony caps are best suited for longer hair, whereas the Pixie cup works well with shorter hairstyles!

Moving along the pink parade, you’ll find this cap, in the Hope, Love, Courage, Healing pattern. These words decorate pink ribbons that are placed against a darker pink background! We find it inspiring. Don’t you?

This next pattern is simply beautiful all by itself! Show your support for breast cancer research with this cap of pink ribbons and decorations! We know you’ll love it.

For Men

Gentlemen, we haven’t left you out. You can show your support too! Let’s start here:

This pattern is bright, bold pink that will immediately resemble your support for breast cancer to onlookers. You know you can rock the pink!

And of course, there’s plenty where that came from. We just wanted to get all of that pink out before October ended! Just kidding; you can always show your support by sporting one of these caps for work. It doesn’t have to be October.