Follow These Tips To Keep Your Scrubs In Great Condition

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Scrubs In Great Condition

As a medical professional, you want your scrubs to last a long time, which means you need to know how to properly maintain your scrubs. Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we work tirelessly to bring you high-quality scrubs made to keep you comfortable and last longer than other scrubs. But even with the best scrubs money can buy, it's helpful to know what you can do to keep them in great condition. Here’s a few expert tips on scrub care.

Remove Stains Quickly and Effectively

Your scrubs are bound to get stains on them, and when they do, it's important that you know the right way to remove the stains. We’ve written before about some great ways to combat stains on your scrubs. Our main tips would be using hydrogen peroxide, keeping a stain stick handy, or having backup scrubs with you at work to change into.

Try a Hot Iron

Many people no longer use hot irons, but it's still a great way to make your scrubs look neat and tidy! Besides that, it also kills any remaining bacteria on your scrubs. If you have an old hot iron laying around, give it a try, or consider picking one up to use on your scrubs.

Avoid Mixing Regular Laundry With Scrubs

Your scrubs aren’t the same as other clothes, and it's important that they receive special care. Due to the kinds of bacteria and contaminants that may be on your scrubs, they need to be thoroughly disinfected, meaning they should be washed on their own. And when it comes to drying your scrubs, we recommend line drying instead of using the machine dryer.

Thoroughly Inspect Scrubs

After washing and drying your scrubs, using a hot iron and anything else necessary for proper scrub care, be sure to thoroughly inspect your scrubs before putting them on. Are there any pesky stains lingering, or any loose threads that need to be cut off? Make sure your scrubs are in great condition before you put them on. To check out the amazing scrubwear we offer, as well as more advice on proper scrub care, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs company website today.