How To Handle Fading Fabrics

How To Handle Fading Fabrics

We recently covered the best way to care for your scrubs, because- let’s face it- we all want our clothes to last longer. All of those vibrant colors mixed into your favorite patterns and designs look incredible when they’re brand new- but how do you help them stay that way? What if they start fading? On today’s blog, we’re going to get into the details of preventing that fabric fade and what to do if you want your old (vibrant) color back.

Preventing Fabric From Fading

First and foremost; read the label on your scrubs (whether they’re from Blue Sky Co. or not). Treating fabric the way it’s supposed to be treated is always the best bet for the best outcome. Pre-washing is extremely helpful in keeping the colors vibrant for longer. You can also add ½ C of white vinegar to the load for sanitization. Also, void heat when it comes to drying your scrubs. Try line drying them, instead! Heat tends to wear the fabric quicker, causing the colors to fade faster.

How to Handle Fading Fabrics

If you’re trying to revive an old- well, older- pair of scrubs, you’re in luck! We’ve got just the tricks for you- and all you’ll need are just a few things from around the house. One way you could try to brighten those colors is by soaking your scrubs overnight in saltwater before washing them. Use about ¼ C of salt in the water with your clothes. Two other household items that come in handy? White vinegar and baking soda. Try washing your scrubs with either of them (separately) for a brighter outfit.

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